Many organizations have leveraged email marketing to achieve great success. Ponder this –how many emails do you receive daily from businesses trying to sell their products and services? Let’s do a deeper dive into email marketing:

Email marketing involves sending educative and informative messages, advertisements, business request and valuable information to existing and potential clients with the purpose of informing recipients about your business, stay top of mind and convince them to buy your products or pay for your services. Email marketing is a very effective digital marketing strategy if you do it right.

Organizations that understand the impact and importance of email marketing actively use it to not only inform and educate their prospects but also to convince them to pay for their products and services.

Imagine that you want to buy a new cell phone or tablet but need to do some research. Coincidentally you check your email that day and you find a mail from Amazon. The email has a list of electronic devices including the device you covet, with all the details you needed and the cost of the device. Amazon includes their contact details and an e-commerce website link to directly pay for the device. If the price is within budget and the product is exactly what you wanted, would you go ahead to buy? It’s more than likely that you would. This is exactly how email marketing works.

Let’s explore 5 ways email marketing helps businesses, startups and organizations:

    1. Educate customers and prospects: Email Marketing provides useful information to your customers and prospects and cements your business as an industry leader. People love free information and they gravitate towards businesses that provide them useful information- Begin by creating informative emails suited to your target audience today.
    2. Increase brand awareness/recognition: Email marketing helps increase your brand visibility. The more contact you have with prospects and clients, the more people learn about your brand. It helps your clients know, like and trust your business which leads to more opportunities.
    3. Optimize marketing budget: Email marketing is a cost effective strategy when compared to other marketing strategies. With email marketing, you get more with less -you can send lengthier messages with videos, images and links to your website.
    4. Connect with your target audience: Email marketing helps you stay connected and in touch with your prospects. By communicating with prospects frequently, you stay top of mind. Sending them frequent updates of not only business related matters but also other events that concern them will go a long way to help prospects connect better with your brand.
    5. Increase the credibility of your business: When customers and prospects read regular emails from you that provide them with relevant and apt information, they start to see your business as a credible source of useful information. Big brands use this strategy and becoming the ‘go-to’ brands in the minds of their customers. With a good understanding of your target audience, you foster credibility through your email campaigns.

The benefits of email marketing far outweigh the cost. The big brands leverage email marketing to improve their sales and profitability – what are you waiting for? Start today without delay- let’s help you!

We understand that composing the right email messages for your prospects and existing customers may be challenging since you need to focus on the core aspects of your business, that’s why we exist –we have a team of trained experts.

Midland Digital solutions has built a reputation for helping businesses create email marketing campaigns that have significantly improved their brand awareness, sales figures and overall profitability.

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