In an uncertain and dynamically changing business environment, the demand for expert IT services is constantly growing. However, the lack of skilled, quality software developers is the reality today’s market must face and adapt to.

Luckily, IT staff augmentation comes to the rescue, with its numerous benefits – optimizing time and costs of the project, tapping into the employee and knowledge base of a skilled IT partner, increasing operational efficiency and allowing you to focus on core business. This is why more and more companies are passing core technology responsibilities over to an IT staff augmentation company.

As more brands, startups and enterprises embrace remote work thanks to the global pandemic, the popularity of IT staff augmentation has never been higher.

Staff augmentation is a service, where a software company provides their engineers or software developers in the form of an external hire, usually on a Time contract basis. It also covers the provision of a wide variety of software-related resources, such as UI/UX designers, quality assurance testers, project managers or remote monitoring, security, support and maintenance.

In practice, the in-house team of the client is extended by (or solely comprised of) third-party specialists working for the client for the duration of the project.

Thanks to staff augmentation, companies reduce costs related to recruitment, payroll services and project implementation. This model is also easily scalable – it’s much easier to end each particular assignment in comparison to terminating an employment contract, therefore it is possible to quickly decrease (or increase) FTEs if needed. This complete shift of responsibility allows for minimizing formalities with HR and employment and allows the client to focus more on the core business.

Let’s take a look at benefits of Staff Augmentation:


In staff augmentation arrangement, the service provider is responsible for recruitment and employment of engineers.

This is convenient for the client, who benefits from a ready, motivated and skilled list of resources, ready to be deployed quickly.


Engineers, developers, analysts and designers working in the staff augmentation model enjoy a fast paced, ever changing environment as they are aware that sooner or later they will be working on another project. They love the variety of different challenges and tasks. This is a popular source of motivation as more of the workforce embraces remote work.


In the staff augmentation model, project management is usually done internally by the client even if the project is being developed by staff augmentation partners who are serving as an extension of the client’s team.


There can be no fruitful business relation without a solid base of mutual trust and understanding. A relationship with a staff augmentation partner comes down to providing resources in the form of a desired number of IT Staff. The vendor gets familiar with the client’s technology stack, their managerial style and the kind of team members that will thrive within that particular assignment.

Company Savings

Carrying out projects with staff augmentation partners usually results in minimal expense and cost savings for in-house programmers.  If software development is not at the core of your business, when you employ engineers solely for the time of the project especially in the bootstrapping phase of your business, it is easy to disengage, once the assignment is complete and allocate the software development budget to other parts of the business.


Another advantage of a staff augmentation company is the deep knowledge of the industry, business experiences, insights and best practices gathered by working various projects along the way. The team has the ability to dig deep into its bag of tricks and deliver the best possible project.

A good staff augmentation company will have a steady supply of quality, capable staff that will give your company a competitive edge and ensure your project is completed on schedule.

The benefits of staff augmentation are undeniable. As a method of dealing with IT talent shortage, it can be one of the most efficient ways of handling very short, unexpected projects, when your business is in need of ultra-fast results with limited budget involved.

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