Whether you are checking out a new tool or using a new project management solution, picking the right business management software or client relationship management software is tricky and can be a tasking experience. Businesses all too often subscribe to highly recommended enterprise software only to find out they have poor integration with other software or their employees do not find them user-friendly. Across our offices at Midland Digital Solutions in US, Canada, Nigeria and Singapore, we have consulted on several business management software installations and responded to hundreds of queries from intending clients. We see a trend in the knowledge gaps and mistakes of businesses subscribing to business management software. From that wealth of experience we offer tips on what to look for when picking business management software.

What does the business need?

The first step to identifying the right business management software is to accurately define your business’ problem or need. For example, is the problem your business grappling with that of lack of quality control leading to inconsistencies in standards? Then the logical thing to do is narrow your search down on business management software designed to manage supply chain, process, output with international standards requirements, and financials from a single all-encompassing system. If the challenge is operational inefficiency and wastefulness which results in increased expenditure then the business solution required should have improved manufacturing or development process tracking and control system, to enforce efficiency of resources. Enterprise solutions basically carry several functions which include business intelligence and dashboards, time tracking and work report, resource management, document sharing and collaboration tools, etc. Your business needs determine the software functions to prioritize. 

Features with added value

Once the business needs, the work activities and fitting solutions have been analyzed, the next thing that identifies the right business management software are its features. Top on this list is multiple use. Multiple use refers to the ability of a software to possess dual operation on most of its important functions. Multiple use features such as multi-currency enables your process accounting and financial reporting functions not only in your local currency and international trade currency but most currencies available in the world. This would be a necessary feature if your business operates across several markets. Multilingual feature enables communication in several languages for users of different roots. For example, amazing CRM’s are powered by multi-language capabilities which lets customers of different languages and academic levels communicate with your business at their level of comfort. The fitting enterprise solution for your business possesses features which fit the unique characteristics of your business.

In the same vein, another important feature includes automated emails such as reminders for transactions and payments, and also birthdays. The major goal of this feature is that it serves as a marketing intermediary between the company and the customer’s consciousness even in periods where the customer does not remember or bear the company in mind.

Friendly UI/UX

Picking a business management software goes beyond its ability to coordinate the company’s plans and operations. Other criteria for selection must include its client portal ease of use for employees, vendors and customers and its interaction between the trio. The best enterprise software is that which benefits everyone interacting with your business. Therefore it is of utmost importance to be familiar with every aspect of your business, know the pains of the different users – employees, vendors and customers and get a consensus opinion on what the ideal solution should provide to each user.

The ease and duration of installation

The installation of some enterprise solutions require technology specialists and take a considerable amount of time to complete, many times stretching into months. On the other hand, most cloud-based systems are considerably easier to install. Within hours or a few days, they are ready for use. The choice of your business solution would be determined by how quickly you need to install and deploy the software.

Has fraud been constantly going on within your company and you need to discover the loophole and seriousness of financial damage done? A simple software can easily handle this. Do you need to achieve an international standard management certification like ISO 9000 urgently? If so, you need major enterprise solutions which require lengthy installation periods and extensive training for employees especially, to get ready for use. Often, a series of training is required for all stakeholders to understand and get used to this level of complex software.

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