An ERP is a software used to effectively manage and integrate business processes such as Financial Management, Human Resources, and Customer Relationship Management etc while giving a holistic view of these processes to stakeholders and decision makers. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.

With the ever increasing complexity of business operations especially as more businesses embrace a remote work model, an ERP software is mission critical and non negotiable.  Its major advantage is that you don’t need to buy or build separate software for the different parts of your business. Mdserp® software helps achieve that seamless integration of your business operations with ease.

Mdserp®software is cloud-based so users can access it remotely from their desktop, mobile and tablets. It is optimized to perform across all pixels and screen sizes. In this article we highlight the various modules of our MdsERP software and its benefits to your business.

The 6 main Modules of the Mdserp®software include:

The Financial Management Module: This module helps your business analyze all financial data, it provides useful insight on how your business spends money and maps out your profit and withdrawal trends to show spending patterns that aid you make good decisions.

The Mdserp® software can help you effectively store and analyze your tax management, balance sheet, accounts payable, accounts receivable, expenditure, budgeting, costs, bank statements, payments receipts etc. The need for good financial management cannot be overemphasized and the Mdserp® software makes the job easy for you.

Human Resources Module: Effective people management is critical for the growth and profitability of your business – the Mdserp® software helps you achieve this with ease. The HR module that helps you effectively manage your HR functions including – recruitment, onboarding and off-boarding, Performance Management, Learning and Development, Leave administration, Payroll Management. Attendance Management. We can customize the features of this component to align with your HR policies, processes and guidelines.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The customer relationship management (CRM) module of the Mdserp® software plays a very vital role as customer acquisition, management and growth engineering are key to the success of your business. This module enables you gain insights on your customer’s preferences, buying history and spending habits – with the insights you gain from our CRM component, you are able to effectively maximize your marketing and sales spend. The insights also help you cross-sell and upsell to your customers. We can effectively customize this component to suit the unique profile of your customers

Business Intelligence (BI): In a highly competitive and data-driven business world, you cannot afford to make decisions without the right data. This module comes in handy to gather, store and analyze critical data for your business. With our BI Module, you can keep tabs on the critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business.

It also helps generate data in forms like graphs, tables and charts – this fosters easy understanding and interpretation of the data to enable data-driven business decisions.

Supply Chain Management (SCM): This feature is useful for most businesses especially those in manufacturing and distribution. This module helps you with effective demand planning. It also helps you identify challenges with your supply chain early enough before they get out of control.

The SCM module helps you keep tabs on the entire life-cycle of your products.

Inventory Management System (IMS): This module is useful to keep track of the products available in the warehouse. It comes with customizable tracking features that help you minimize or totally eradicate manual inventory control.

Our Inventory Management module is designed to integrate effortlessly with our Supply Chain Management component to make your processes more efficient.

If you want to run an efficient and effective business, you need our Mdserp® software. Our clients attest to the fact that it has made their systems and processes more efficient.

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