What is Enterprise Resource Planning

“ERP” stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is business process management software used by organizations to manage day to day operations such as Human Resources, Financial Management, Procurement, Sales, Warehouse, Project Management, and Manufacturing. ERP brings a concept of an integrated Database across departments, territories, and legal entities, which brings order to the chaos of Real Time information and seamless workflows. ERP provides visibility, analytics and efficiency across every aspect of business.

Benefits of an ERP system

It is true that getting an ERP system requires a major investment, but there is also a bigger cost in not making an investment at the right time with the proper ERP. Here are some benefits of an ERP Application:


An ERP system eliminates repetitive processes and reduces the need to manually enter lots of information.


ERP act as a tool for your users, especially managers or administrative staff to create more accurate forecasts, helping the business make more realistic estimates.


ERP comes up with an Auto Scale option when your business is ready to grow or need more resources.


ERP stands on a Centralized database concept across Departments, Territories and Legal entities, keeping data consistent, real time, accurate and unique.



Data Security is no hassle with an ERP in place. ERP comes up with layered security model with administered restrictions and personalized roles.

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Services we provide

Midland Digital Solutions is an authority in the implementation of ERP Applications. We bring additional value to the table with the below add-on services:


We offer a wide range of consulting services to help you in efficient and successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics solution. Our objective is to have a strong, cost-effective Dynamics solution that is a perfect fit for your business and processes. With an excellent mix and match of various skill sets, including Account management, Project Management, Subject Matter Experts, Technical and pre-Sales team, we take pride in delivering projects on-budget and on time. Our Dynamics experts are seasoned professionals who can add immense value to your solution by working closely with you. They suggest workarounds and tweaks that will ensure the solution meets your business needs and requirements. The goal is to ensure a smooth implementation right from the start.


At Midland Digital Solutions, we bring a perfect mix and match of Business Analysts, Subject Matter Experts, Domain Consultants, Technical Developers and Project Managers. With CMMI Level 3 certification, you can expect a process-oriented approach to drive your implementation adopting best practices, mitigating the risks at the earliest with a notified ROI.

Upgrade and Migration

With an ever evolving technology, there is also a shelf life of ERP applications like any other software. Depending on size and growth rate of your Organization, the shelf life of a newly implemented ERP application ranges from 3 to 5 years. At Midland, we are experts at upgrading existing ERP products with the latest technological and enhanced versions available that are right for your needs.

Support and Maintenance

A successful implementation or a Version Upgrade is never the end of the story within ERP Applications. A strong support system backed with the support of knowledgeable professionals is what takes your business to the next level. Midland brings them to the table, equipped with the latest technologies and infrastructure to support your day to day business operations. We will ensure that your core team stays focused on the business.

Customization and Integrations

In today’s scenario with technology evolving at every hour, do you want to be lost maintaining sync between your application, Government authority and any 3rd party application? Leave your worries behind and let the experts do the backend tussle. Ever wondered how multiple applications talk to each other so seamlessly? Let our solutions architect design your integration.

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