Custom Software Development Services

Leverage the technology of the Web, Mobile and Cloud to propel your business forward. We deliver seamlessly functioning high-quality solutions, whether it is a CRM solution, a beautiful e-commerce shop front or an engaging mobile application. We can help your business thrive on many platforms, whether you are a start-up or an experienced enterprise. Our aim is to understand your requirement and plan our action to achieve the exact solution you need at the most competitive price. We will be happy to assist you at any and every stage of the software development life cycle: from conceptualization, business analysis and prototyping to the development and deployment of a complete solution. We don’t just create custom software; we build solutions to your business problems.

The Solutions We Offer

Mobile Applications

We design, create and build native mobile apps for Android and iOS for you. You get mobile development of any complexity to empower your business and increase customer loyalty from one of the best mobile application development companies.
When it comes to designing native apps for mobile devices, we find that the most successful ones are those that begin with an outside-in view. The outside-in view starts by looking at users, understanding their need in a mobile context and designing for that. The desktop application is leveraged of course, but the initial point of reference for the design exercise is the user.

When taking the outside-in approach, we start by getting answers to the following types of questions to inform product, design and development decisions:


Which user-types or personas would benefit from mobile access?


Apart from portability and convenience, why else would users benefit from mobile access?


How could mobile access change their workflows for the better?


Where would mobile use occur? Will users have both hands available? Are they in motion? What else are they doing before/during/after? Will they have reliable access to data or Wi-Fi?


What device(s) do they use? Are they iOS, Android or Windows users? Phone or tablet? What hardware that’s unique to mobile (relative to desktop) could help them?

Worth noting, in taking the outside-in approach and engaging users up front, clients are often pleasantly surprised that multiple new product opportunities are revealed beyond the initial app that was envisioned.

Mobile Applications help put businesses in motion with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Our award-winning services solutions help clients set their multi-device mobile strategy, re-imagine their interactions with customers, and seamlessly integrate mobile into their traditional workplace. The apps we design are user-friendly, addictive and extremely interactive.

Website Design

Gone are the days when a one-time “Website Redesign” could be a salve to alleviate business and customer pain. Today, leading companies recognize the importance of ongoing measurement and optimization. To generate a step change, a site must become a laboratory. One where we draw on observation and inquiry to generate hypotheses, design tests, run experiments, and iterate.

At the onset of a web design project, our goals focus on ensuring a shared understanding of the brand, vision for the new site, and desired business outcomes. We gain alignment with key internal stakeholders around project direction and tech stack, take inventory of existing assets, and build a roadmap for feature implementation. We conduct interviews with stakeholders and customers with qualitative findings being supported by quantitative research in the form of a top task survey, to inspire ideas and hypotheses for a new site.

Along the way, where applicable, we develop an empirical understanding of where and how the existing site falls short with users. In addition to interviews and surveys, SEO and Website audits, we obtain data through mouse movement tracking (i.e. Mouseflow or Hotjar), and Google analytics.

While digital agencies excel at developing omni-channel campaigns that engage an audience and drive traffic to a website, they don’t typically excel at building great websites or digital tools with a focus on the user or driving profitable conversions. That’s where we come in.

As a leading digital product development firm, we focus on creating inspiring experiences that provide clarity of information, ease of use, relevance, and streamlined functionality. Every web design is responsive, and optimized for conversion. We don’t create arbitrarily decorative websites; rather we design reliable tools that produce real ROI.

Software Design Development

Increase the profitability, availability and efficiency of your business via the relevant development solutions with the scalable architecture using the latest technologies and trends.

Our architects design software applications and digital ecosystems that drive tangible business results. We apply our product strategy, UX/UI design, and system architecture chops to help enterprise organizations advance their customer experience, grow revenue, and drive operational efficiency. In doing so, we become a go-to partner for a wide range of leading enterprise organizations, helping them employ User-Centered Design, Micro services Architecture, and Cloud Services across their digital ecosystem — all without significantly increasing overhead.

For companies looking to solve complex software design problems, our product designers and system architects work in collaboration to hone in on KPIs for the business, while defining the roadmap and the technical architecture behind the product. We put as much care into designing ERDs and APIs as we do UIs, prioritizing performance, security, compliance, and extensibility.

Through the years we’ve carved out a niche designing and optimizing workflow management platforms for professionals across a range of verticals.

Our Process

The agile method facilitates the process of creating a great product. Mockupping and design come first. The development process is based on the Scrum methodology. It is divided into sprints, which ensures the efficient outcome. You are constantly aware of the development stages due to regular spring reports.

Technology Stack

You deserve the best and you get it with us. The cutting-edge tools we use allow delivering robust and competitive mobile applications that will boost your business:


HTML5, CSS3, Angular 2+, VueJs, jQuery, Meteor, Ajax, JSON, SVG, Lodash, Bootstrap, Less, MustacheJS, WebSockets, SocketIO, Grunt, Typescript, ES6


PHP, Laravel 5, Python, Django, Go, GeoDjango, Celery, REST, RabbitMQ, Websocket, WebRTC, ZeroMQ, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, NSQ, Graph QL, Redis, Cassandra, Postgis

Software Development Specialties

CRM/All in one software

This is much more than a CRM Software, book-keeping or accounting software, this is a complete business management solution.

Accounting + HR + Admin + CRM in one easy to use package:


It is Powerful & Feature Rich

Extremely easy to use solution which covers a broad spectrum of businesses from the smallest mum and pop store to a 5000 staff manufacturing concern.


Is Cloud Based

Access your business data from any location any time in a secure environment. Data backed up four times daily, we guarantee 99.9% system up time.


Has 24/7 Support

Supported by a team of experienced Finance, IT and Business professionals, always ready to provide support, always eager to proffer advise.


Has Simple Pricing

One yearly price gives you all the modules and features. Multi Company module is free, no restriction on the number of customers, vendors, employees. No hidden charges for addons, all upgrades are free.


Has Easy To Use Portals

Invite your suppliers, vendors and advisors to collaborate with you on your business in real-time. Employees also have self service. Give each stakeholder access to just the areas they need.

Features of All in one Software:


Multicurrency and Multilingual


Optional Customized domain


Real-time Inventory Management across Multiple Locations


Full Document Management


Unlimited Workflows and transaction approval rules.


Automated Email reminders for all transactions (payments, birthdays, stockouts etc)


Extremely Customizable to fit your needs.


Exhaustive Reports


Multiple Contact and address for each customer or Vendor


Customer, Vendor and Employee Self-Service via Client Portal

Core Modules Include:


Customer Management and Sales Procedure, Leads, Opportunities, Sales Invoice, Discount, Price Lists



Vendor and Purchases Management, Suppliers, Multi-Currencies, Quotations, Auto Orders, Credit Limit


Inventory Management, Multi-location, Serial Tracking, Quality Inspection, FIFO, Weighted Average, Stock Reconciliation, Landed Cost


VAT, WHT, PAYE, Easily track and monitor statutory obligations



Customer Relationship, Sales Pipeline – Leads, Customer, Opportunity, Contact


Human Resources Management, Employee Management, Leave Allocation, Recruitment, Employee Self-Service


Salary and Payroll Entry, Automated Payroll, Email Pay slips, Automated Statutory Deductions



Effectively Create and Manage Projects, Timesheets, Assign Tasks, Daily reporting


Assets Master, Warranty Status, Asset Movement, Depreciations, Barcoding of Fixed Assets


Make Sales Effectively, Discounts, Barcode Scanning, Offline mode, Touch menu enabled


Upload Bank Statements, Automated Reconciliation process, easily reconcile bank accounts

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Find the new source of income with the software as a service you will have made for your specific requirements.

On-Demand Applications

Launch your new uber-type on-demand startup with our web development services. We will help you develop and boost the idea.


Realize your idea of creating a platform to unite different sellers and buyers in one place with us.

UI/UX Design

Keep the face of your business fresh with the graphics and reflect your core identity to the world through authentic visual representation. Increase users’ engagement and loyalty with the custom UI/UX design that attracts people and holds them.

Design is not just how something looks, but also how it works. As one of the world’s leading digital product development firms, we’re motivated by designing better ways of accomplishing mission critical tasks, whether you’re a flight attendant diagnosing WiFi connectivity issues at 35,000 feet, or a bomb tech inspecting a potential threat.

Our work begins by developing an empathetic understanding of your existing and prospective customers or other users — a necessary step for creating experiences tailored to them. We are guided by the maxim, “Don’t just interview subject matter experts, become one.” Lean personas and journey maps are the guiding star throughout the design process. We can tie every design decision back to the research.

Feature sets are often defined through the research and strategy phases of our engagements. As we move into design, our work focuses on structuring the information architecture, and key screen flows for each user type. Developing a visual and interaction design system that aligns with the brand is often a key next step, leading into the creation of prototypes for user testing. Prototypes are iterated and expanded over numerous design and testing cycles. As we work toward approved final designs for launch, we craft responsive mobile views, to enable a great experience regardless of device type.

Quality Assurance &Testing

Enjoy a smooth and seamless user experience with our web and mobile applications. We leverage only up market testing tools and provide complete quality assurance.

Automated Testing Process

The software undergoes Regression, Load, Repeated Execution, and Performance tests that imply checking actual results against the required ones. It is feasible in case of long-term projects that require more than 3 cycles.


Feasibility Analysis

At this stage, we consider whether the project is suitable: complex, including many concurrent users, etc.


Tools Selection

The choice is made based on the tested object and testing scenarios.


Automation Scope

The scope of the automation stage implies figuring out the areas which should be automated. Not every aspect is eligible. Test Script Development – Test scripts are planned, designed and developed.



We are technological partners and take time to get to know the customer before launching into the project. We can arrange business trips to your location to establish trust and mutual understanding.



The scripts are run during this stage. Once executed they provide detailed test reports. Test Evaluation – the executed test results are checked against the preliminary set strategic metrics.

Manual Testing Process

We provide a full spectrum of manual testing like Exploratory, Usability, and Ad-hoc ones for the projects that are short-term or at the initial stages.


Requirement Analysis

Your requirements are studied to identify types of applicable testing and the feasibility of the process automation.


Test Plan & Strategy

At this stage cost and effort estimation is performed and strategy is determined.


Test Cases Writing

This stage involves test cases, automation scripts creation and reviews along with test data creation.


Test Case Execution

Testing is carried out based on the test plans and cases.


Bug Reports

All the issues are detected and submitted to the developers for fixing.



After fixing the found bugs, the system is thoroughly tested again.

We Make Certain That Every Application Is Bug-Free


Your web applications such as cloud-based and SaaS solutions undergo thorough check-up for any non-compliance and feature: • High Performance • Usability • Security


Our comprehensive testing approach allows testing the architecture and back-end before Front End appears to ensure: • Maintainability • Robustness • Usability


Full inspection of the mobile apps on different devices and OS versions makes your product offer: • Functionality • User-friendliness • Compatibility

Relevant Testing for Every Solution

You are the key decision-maker. So, you get what you want because our dedicated QA specialists ensure testing against the specifications, mockups, and previously made agreements.


Your software will have all the necessary functionality you have requested after passing the following testing stages:


Module Integration Acceptance


Your system will operate efficiently after checking against all the required characteristics


GUI Usability Security Integration Internationalization Performance


Your app always works properly whatever improvements it has undergone because we do the following testing


Smoke Regression Sanity

Quality Assurance Tools We Leverage

Postman, Selenium, Apache Jmeter, DevTools

Why use our Software Development Services?


Over 10+ years of software development experience.


Process driven agile methodology means faster turnaround.


Bug-free deliveries, on-time and on-budget.


A wide range of offerings, including CRM solutions, Web and Desktop applications, Mobile apps and more.


Technically sound, globally savvy, certified team of engineers.


A record of satisfied customers, from small businesses to Fortune 500

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