In this new normal with the pivot to digital, savvy businesses are making much needed adjustments. Your customers are online.  Plain and Simple. This means that you must invest and cultivate your online presence via content creation. This is the only way to cut through the noise and resonate with your core audience.

Content creation involves generating ideas that appeal to your customers and prospects, creating visual and written content related to those ideas and ensuring that the information is available to your target audience through one or more of these formats – video, text, info-graphics, pictures, blogs, email etc.

With the surge in the usage of social media, lots of businesses are already leveraging such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn to promote their content.

Here are some of the potential benefits of content creation to you and your business:

    • Creating content and sharing in the right platform can quickly boost your brand’s visibility and make prospects aware of your business. Interestingly, even the biggest brands like Apple, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Zara, Forbes, CNN – invest more in digital than television and regularly dish out content to their target audience.


    • Content creation helps position your business as an industry leader – if you are consistent with sharing useful information to your target audience, your clients and prospects will recognize your brand as an industry leader. This means they will lean on you and your business for educative insights on your industry, products and services.


    • Content creation if done right, has the potential to increase your engagement with your audience.


Now let’s talk about copywriting and its benefits:

Copywriting is the deliberate composing and publishing targeted, reader-centric copies (articles, blogs, emails, text, webpage content etc) that inform, educate and get prospects with a pronounced, clear and unmistakable call to action (to call you, email you, buy your product or pay for your services)

    • Copywriting helps you provide useful information to customers and prospects using various mediums and platforms. Well written copies are a good differentiator especially due to the saturation and proliferation of content.


    • Well written copies can be used effectively as marketing tools to significantly improve sales.


    • Well written copy helps drive traffic to your website, blog and social media pages – which can invariably increase brand visibility and trust. If you keep your content fresh and you are consistent, while embracing search engine optimization, it will drive traffic to your web page and social media platforms. This leads to increased sales.


It’s apparent that content creation and copywriting is mission critical to the growth and success of any business in the new normal, so ignoring them could prove perilous to your bottom-line.

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