Advancements in technology have made life easier in a lot of ways and the education sector has embraced the global pivot to digital. E-Learning utilizes electronic technologies to create and provide access to educational materials. Unlike traditional classroom learning, e-learning makes it possible for learners to access training courses remotely and electronically – trainers and content creators also leverage electronic platforms to create and deliver training programs.

Startups, organizations and enterprises serious about thriving now and in the future know the importance of e-learning and have embraced e-learning solutions to deliver training programs to their team.

As a digital solutions company, we create customized E-Learning courses optimized for tablets, mobiles and desktops. In this article, we share some important benefits of e-learning to your organization and team members.

The benefits of e-learning include

  • Cost Effectiveness: e-learning is a cost effective approach to training team members – your organization saves a ton in operational costs such as– the cost of printing training materials, facilitators’ fees, travel expenses, feeding and accommodation costs. With e-learning, you only need to pay for developing the Learning Management System and course content, once the course is developed and uploaded on your learning platform, there will be no other cost to bear (except to update course content).
  • Scalability and Consistency: If you were to have in-person training for your team, you need a training room or hall with a limit to how many people you can train at once. With e-learning, there is no limit to the number of team members that can access a particular training at the same time. If you have a workforce that runs into tens of thousands, your entire team can access the same course and content.
  • Quick delivery: e-learning courses can be delivered in real time because it eliminates unnecessary formalities such as- waiting for the facilitators/participants to arrive, introductions, pointless banter and the like. With e-learning, your team dives right into training once they gain access.
  • Accessibility: E-learning is location agnostic. Your team can access the training courses from anywhere in the world on any internet-enabled device.
  • Course can be retaken: with e-learning, your team can retake courses as many times as needed to ensure they grasp the hidden dimes in the training – at no additional cost.
  • Course content can easily be updated: It’s very easy to update and upload e-learning course content to the learning platform. This keeps your team up to date and in the know as industry trends evolve.
  • Employees can learn at their pace: this is one of the very critical benefits of e-learning- the ability for your team to learn at their pace and convenience. Your team can focus since they determine the optimal time and environment for them to learn.
  • Easy customization: E-learning content can be easily and quickly customized to meet the specific requirements of your team. If you have team members in different locations across the globe who speaks different languages, they can easily customize their course based on their preferred language. This customization applies to text and even voice. This level of customization isn’t possible with traditional classroom training.
  • Analytics: Tracking the engagement and performance of your team is a lot easier with e-learning. Our e-learning platform comes built with analytics tools that can help you track things like concentration, attendance, time spent on each course, engagement, knowledge retention, course completion rate etc. You cannot acquire or leverage real time data in physical classroom trainings.

With the points highlighted in this article, it’s clearly beneficial and cost effective for organizations to develop e-learning courses and a learning portal to house all courses. The traditional method of training delivery is fast becoming extinct and its mission critical you join the moving train.

Our team of e-learning professionals can help create e-learning courses and build a customized e-learning platform to suit your team’s needs.

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