Effective utilization of manpower and other resources has always been top priority for organizational leaders for a very long time. Organizations serious about continuous growth and development must think carefully about effective strategies that will help them achieve optimal utilization of resources – especially their manpower.

An effective way organizations and businesses utilize their financial resources in modern times is ‘Staff augmentation’. Staff augmentation deals with the effective utilization of manpower/personnel from outside the organization usually on a temporary basis to complement the capacity of its current workforce.

Staff augmentation can also be seen as an effective strategy for outsourcing talent globally to manage projects or specific functions of your organization for a specified period of time. This arrangement allows your organization to choose from a pool of potential candidates that fit your requirements for a project/function at any point in time.

Staff augmentation is useful for projects in any of the following areas- Custom Software Development in all its iterations and facets, Website Design and Digital Marketing. Midland Digital Solutions can provide you with the resources to accomplish these tasks in an efficient manner.

In this article, we share some of the important benefits of adopting staff augmentation as an effective strategy to help your organization achieve its corporate objectives quicker and in a cost-effective manner.

5 key benefits of staff augmentation include:

  1. Reduces/eliminates the cost of having in-house/full-time employees: By adopting the staff augmentation approach to employment in your organization, you can significantly save your organization a lot of money. This approach saves you the cost of employee benefits you would have paid out if you hired full-time employees to do the job. With augmented staff, you can achieve the same or better results with less cost. 
  1. You do not need to invest in infrastructure: If you hire full-time employees, you will need to provide the basic infrastructure to enable them work effectively. You will need things like – an office space, work stations, laptops or desktops computers, you will need to provide internet/data for them to work with and a lot of other things. For the augmented staffing arrangement, you only need to agree on your fees. The augmented staff will provide all the tools they need to get the work done. This saves you a lot of money and time invested in setting up the right infrastructure. 
  1. You will significantly reduce the time you spend on recruitment: With the staff augmentation approach, you will significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required to hire full-time employees. This is so because augmented staff come with their specific expertise and years of experience and they usually have evidence to show for it. No need for background checks and verifications that typically come with recruiting full-time employees. All that is covered already. 
  1. No geographical limitations: Now more than ever before, organizations need to tap into the global talent pool and not be limited to the talent that is available only within their localities. You can leverage on the advancements in technology and communication to hire people from various locations around the world to work on specific projects for your organization. The staff augmentation system operates in a manner that permits collaboration from contributors across the globe. 
  1. Competent augmented staff bring immediate value to your projects and organization: One of the major benefits of having augmented staff is the immediate value they bring to the table. When you have to hire new staff, you may need to invest time and resources training them to fit the requirements of the job. Hiring augmented staff helps you get already experienced hands for the job – thereby eliminating the need to spend extra on training. You can hire augmented staff for specific projects that match their experience and expertise – this is of great value to your organization. 

The benefits listed above make it clear that staff augmentation is a powerful strategy for your organization regardless of your growth stage. The benefits far outweigh the cost in the long run. Industry leaders strongly recommend that businesses embrace staff augmentation especially in areas where your team lacks the in-house capabilities or needs the expertise on a short-term basis.

Need more information on how you can adopt this strategy to grow your business? Let us help. Contact us today at info@midlanddigitalsolutions.com or visit www.midlanddigitalsolutions.com to learn more.

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